QUALITY Assurance

Task Force Vets is ISO-9001: 2000 compliant. Quality is a top-down driven team objective. The objective of Task Force Vets and American Veterans, LLC’s Quality Policy is to ensure that the VETS program receives reliable, defect-free products, installations and services. This approach will be followed to ensure the quality of task orders that American Veterans, LLC will receive. As such, the paramount importance of quality is stressed at each level to ensure that our managers, personnel, subcontractors and suppliers understand their responsibility for the quality of their work as well as comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements. We strive for our work to be viewed as an industry leader in quality and reliability, thereby providing our customers with maximum return on their investment. American Veterans, LLC’s ISO-9001: 2000 Policy Manual and established procedures govern the performance of all our activities. Other major team members are ISO-9001:2000 certified and have their own policy manuals, processes and procedures.

Our commitment to quality is absolute. Our program management solution integrates quality techniques into our methodologies, enabling us to deliver quality solutions the first time, on time. From the beginning of each project, we bring forward leading commercial and federal quality practices. We maintain a dedicated, independent team of Quality Assurance (QA) professionals who are trained in project management and the QA discipline. In addition to certifying our processes, we utilize a continuous improvement methodology to facilitate ongoing best practices processes. Continuous improvement is addressed through the regular process reviews and a management system that requires input from the practitioners who apply the processes in their daily work.

Quality Control

Task Force Vets will be responsible for all tests and inspections. Program staff involvement and participation in our TQM and Quality Assurance testing and practices is both anticipated and welcomed. Task Force Vets will identify and plan the engineering, integration, and servicing processes, which directly affect quality to ensure that all specified processes, are carried out under controlled conditions.

The Task Order Manager is charged with primary responsibility for the implementation of this procedure and for the Type I, II and III quality and acceptance testing activity at each respective installation site in accordance with the requirements of this procedure. He/she is also responsible for coordinating efforts with the VETS Program customer representative(s) and any outsourced/subcontracted activity or service. The Task Order Manager will ensure that only products that have passed the required inspections and test are used and installed. The Task Order Manager is also responsible for all work instruction and to schedule the requisite monitoring and measuring devices required to demonstrate conformity of all products, systems and services. The Task Order management team will develop and release, in accordance with established procedures, all test specifications and procedures. This includes any processes where deficiencies become apparent only after the product is in use or the services have been delivered.

Quality Process, Measurement, and Validation
Task Force Vets approach to monitoring progress for quality and timeliness of work activities is to implement its Service Excellence initiative with its program and Process Control System (PCS) and measurement tools. Performance measurement tools provide timely, accurate, and appropriate validation of services. Task Force Vets Service Excellence Initiative will provide an umbrella for achieving performance measurement of the VETS Program. Task Force Vets program management uses an iterative process to measure and collect metrics, perform analysis, and report findings to our management team. This iterative process, used across the organization achieves uniformity and consistency of measures and metrics in all areas of support. Task Force Vets Service Excellence comprises a suite of Microsoft 2000 tools, other tools and processes, measurements, and behaviors that will promote success on the VETS Program. This approach also encourages collaboration across teams, increases client feedback, and brings a common focus to service improvement. Performance measurements integral to service excellence typically consist of the following four primary functions, which are critical to the successful delivery of scheduled performance: cost & schedule performance monitoring, quality and service level agreement (SLA) monitoring, system metrics, and supplier monitoring.